CN: sexual assault, pwr bttm

BTTM: this brought up a lot for
but I don’t want to center my feelings in this conversation that is
about more important things. Still, many of you have been asking what my general thoughts are, and I
don’t think it’s fair to not respond to you, or for my silence to look
like I
am cosigning Ben’s actions. So here is my most important/relevant thought right

I want queer youth (and everyone, but particularly queer youth) to feel safe and loved and valued. To think of somebody
taking advantage of spaces like that, spaces where young queer people seek
respite and validation and safety, fills me with more anger and sadness than I
can possibly express.

I know that when LGBTQIA+ people connect to queer art it is sometimes
something bigger than just “liking a band.” I want you to know that we (me and anyone playing in my band) don’t
take that lightly and will always try our best to do right by you. I want to
say that you deserve nothing less from any person or artist you encounter.  And, most importantly, I want to say
that whatever strength you take from art made by queer people is something that
YOU found in yourself,
it is not anyone else that gives it to you and to
pretend otherwise is to disempower you (and you are powerful and you are

I want to say to people who
are grieving Ben’s actions who aren’t survivors: don’t forget there is a
painful hurt being felt here beyond losing a band. I want to say that I hope people can continue to hold Ben (and other people in
our communities) accountable without perpetuating homophobia and transmisogyny. I want to stress that pwr bttm’s music
is irrelevant to this conversation, let’s not trivialize this
issue by making it about whether or not you like an album.

To end with, I want to pass on this link of Jes Skolnik talking about
accountability wrt this situation moving forward and what that could look like:

(thank you to Jes for doing the work of writing that, and thank you to my two friends who idk if want to be named but read over this post for me before I posted it)

Love you

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